Kreatoons 1


Who, me?

August 28, 2006

“How sad”, he said,
“Where be your friends?
“Boy you look, lonely”

“Me sad?”,thought I,
“Am I really?
Am I really, lonely?”

“I had some friends,
Where are they now?
(hmm…)They all seem to have left me.”

“One moment back,
they all were here.
But now I see, nobody.”

“Where are they now?
Where have they gone?
And why it never, occurred to me?”

“Hey Sir”, said I,
“I am all alone.
I have me as my only, company”

“Hey Sir, said I,
“I am not alone
“I have me as my, accompany.”

And as I said these words,
thought I, “But,
Do I even know, who is me?”