A look behind – a leap ahead…

July 10, 2006

42-155556891.jpgJuly 7th, 2005 – I entered Samsung India Software Operations Ltd, Millers Road, Bangalore – as I put forth my first step in the corporate world. I looked around. There were many more like me. Faces, with dreams in their eyes and hopes in their heart.

July 7th, 2006 – one year passed by. One year in the corporate world. One year away from IITK. One more year away from home. The year went by, as many other did before – some things clicked, some didn’t. Some new words/phrases were added to the dictionary – deliveries, releases, meetings, stacks, layers, specifications… Another phase of my life started. Many experiences came by – which are now embedded in my stream of consciousness. Experiences that I will remember, cherish in times to come.
July 7th, 2006 – I finally decided to move on – in a kind of trivial way – but, which may not be so trivial, if taken symbolically. For past couple of months, I was facing some issues of publishing posts on my previous blog at blogspot.com. I was somehow waiting for some thing to happen and that thing to start working on its own. Perhaps, the sys adming guys here have blocked that 😦 .

But, Nevermind, now that I am here – “Its ok – its cool – its time to rock n roll” πŸ™‚


6 Responses to “A look behind – a leap ahead…”

  1. Swetank Says:

    Well, this was a very succint description of the year that passed and the tone was nostalgic-ish, though it left me craving for more. One thing that I keep learning from you is to enjoy the present. I always cherish what has come to pass and wish to go back to earlier times, or to the future for that matter, but the present kind of takes the backseat. You make the present so much more wonderful and worth living. I have to hammer it into myself if I want to live well.

    Hop eto see you more posts from you from now on, now that you’ve moved on.

  2. Amiya Says:

    Why did ya change from Blogspot? This kinda does look better… is that why?

  3. gupak Says:

    Swetank: sure man, more posts will be coming…

    Amiya: Actually, there were some issues on publishing on blogspot.com from our office. So, I waited for sometime, to know if its a temporary problem or not. But, after a couple of months – I moved on πŸ™‚

  4. Ankur Says:

    congratulations for new blog!

  5. SmeakPlek Says:

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