42-155556891.jpgJuly 7th, 2005 – I entered Samsung India Software Operations Ltd, Millers Road, Bangalore – as I put forth my first step in the corporate world. I looked around. There were many more like me. Faces, with dreams in their eyes and hopes in their heart.

July 7th, 2006 – one year passed by. One year in the corporate world. One year away from IITK. One more year away from home. The year went by, as many other did before – some things clicked, some didn’t. Some new words/phrases were added to the dictionary – deliveries, releases, meetings, stacks, layers, specifications… Another phase of my life started. Many experiences came by – which are now embedded in my stream of consciousness. Experiences that I will remember, cherish in times to come.
July 7th, 2006 – I finally decided to move on – in a kind of trivial way – but, which may not be so trivial, if taken symbolically. For past couple of months, I was facing some issues of publishing posts on my previous blog at blogspot.com. I was somehow waiting for some thing to happen and that thing to start working on its own. Perhaps, the sys adming guys here have blocked that 😦 .

But, Nevermind, now that I am here – “Its ok – its cool – its time to rock n roll” 🙂